Hotel Rooms and 2 Bedroom-Room Suites available in Sandusky, OH

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Your Tropical Paradise Awaits

Relax. Castaway Bay offers comfortable rooms of all sizes. 


Set the scene for a relaxing and memorable stay in one of our newly renovated guest rooms. Each floor is themed to match a specific island setting - Air, Land and Sea. The moment you enter the room or "habitats," Castaway Bay happiness blooms and waves of joy wash away the stress as you are met by our group of loveable, colorful island animals. Themed "Special Touches" will help immerse you into the world and story of Castaway Bay.

Air Themed

Located on the third and fourth floors, Flo, Scoops and friends will be there to welcome you to into their world of fun with open wings.

Land Themed

Located on the second and third floors, Hank and Rocket will welcome you to explore the jungle and feel right at home.

Sea Themed

Located on the first floor, Gordy and Ophelia will be there to greet you and make sure your stay is as memorable as it can be. Who doesn't love living under the sea?

But no matter which floor you stay on, every room in our Sandusky, Ohio hotel features the perfect blend of comfort and style. And each room was designed to be anything but ordinary. Feel pampered with clean, crisp linens, contemporary fixtures and inviting seating areas sure to meet all your needs while staying with us.


Upgrade your experience with this collection of refined and welcoming Caribbean-themed suites at Castaway Bay. With spacious floor plans and an unmatched array of amenities, a stay in one of our themed single- or 2-bedroom suites is sure to create an experience you’ll always remember. Imaginative images and décor fill the space and, of course, our new animal friends are there to make you feel right at home.  Explore these luxurious suites ideal for your unforgettable Sandusky retreat.