Castaway Bay Waterpark Information and Guidelines

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Waterpark Information and Guidelines

We look forward to your visit to Castaway Bay! Castaway Bay is Cedar Point’s premier indoor waterpark resort. Our goal is for you to have a safe and enjoyable visit. This page will provide you with relevant information to make the most of your day at Castaway Bay.

If you have any additional questions regarding your visit to Castaway Bay we would love to help! Please contact a park representative. We look forward to seeing you at Castaway Bay!

We look forward to seeing you at Castaway Bay!

To participate in waterpark attractions, appropriate swimwear is required. Here are some recommendations to help you plan your visit:

  • Appropriate swimwear is required. Thongs and transparent clothing are not permitted. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swimwear.
  • Guests wearing bathing attire with metal buttons, rivets, zippers, or snaps will not be permitted to ride Air Racer Rally, or the slides at Hank’s Hangout and Fernando’s Tadpole Pool.
  • Footwear is not permitted on Slides at Castaway Bay. Aqua socks and aquatic style footwear are permitted on Rocket’s Canopy Coaster.  
  • Guests who require a diaper are required to wear swim diapers or a diaper specifically for aquatic use.
  • For your safety, loose clothing (including scarves and other free-flowing clothing) must be significantly secured or removed to prevent any interference with the ride restraint system.
  • Guests with glasses should wear a safety strap on the slides. Contact lenses are not recommended.
  • Guests requiring special accommodation should speak to a member of the Aquatics management team
  • If you do not have appropriate attire, swimsuits and other aquatic gear can be purchased at Flo’s Surf Shop.
  • When exiting Castaway Bay Waterpark, shirts, shorts, and shoes are required.

To ensure the safest experience for all guests during their visit, the following rules are in effect. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

  • Attractions may have specific height, weight, and safety requirements. Please refer to the Safety Guide sign posted at each attraction to make an informed decision as to whether the attraction is right for you.
  • Please refrain from running, horseplay, and other boisterous activities. 
  • Glassware and similar material with a tendency to shatter on impact are not permitted in Castaway Bay Waterpark.
  • For safety reasons, diving is not permitted at any attraction.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted in Castaway Bay.
  • Keep an eye on your young children. Children should not be left unattended at any time.
  • Please secure all loose articles, including hats, glasses, and jewelry when riding. Cameras, cell phones and video recording devices may not be used on any slide or in any changing area or restroom.
  • Water toys, whistles, and inflatable assists are not permitted.
  • Masks and snorkels are not permitted on any attraction. A mask is defined as goggles that cover the nose.
  • Hearing devices or any other electronic devices may be damaged by water. Please take the necessary steps to protect such items.
  • According to crowd size, time at the attractions and access to Castaway Bay Waterpark may be limited.

Our Aquatics staff is here to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant visit. First aid staff and water park supervisors are available throughout the area should you have any questions or need assistance.  Please follow all lifeguard rules and instructions, but do not talk to or distract lifeguards while they are on duty. 

In an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable waterpark experience for our guests, Castaway Bay Waterpark routinely utilizes training exercises to improve our lifeguards’ skills and vigilance. These exercises will occur during normal operating hours and may consist of the following: submersible water manikins, the use of video surveillance equipment, internal and external audits, active/inactive water rescues and/or first aid scenarios.

Life jackets are available for use throughout Castaway Bay. Life jackets are complimentary and are available to any guest wishing to use one. Children, first-time swimmers, and weaker swimmers are encouraged to wear a life jacket. Some attractions require guests below a specific height to wear a life jacket before participating in the attraction. Aquatics staff and lifeguards reserve the right to impose the use of life jackets as needed. For specific attraction requirements, please click here. Guests are permitted to wear their own life jacket; however it must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved.

Upon arriving, we recommend selecting a meeting place such as the Waterpark Admissions desk in the event you or your child becomes lost or separated from your party. In the unlikely event that your child becomes separated, please alert an associate, or go to the Waterpark Admissions desk. KidTrack wristbands are available at here.

If you happen to lose an item or leave an item behind while visiting, please drop by the Castaway Bay Front Desk.

Castaway Bay is committed to providing all of our Guests with an enjoyable visit. Guests with disabilities are encouraged to click here for detailed information on the requirements of each attraction, along with the programs that Castaway Bay Waterpark offers.

A water wheelchair is available for guests requiring additional assistance while at Castaway Bay. The water wheelchair may be used by multiple guests on the same day. During your visit, please speak to a member of our Aquatics management team to obtain access to the water wheelchair or the pool lifts and for further accessibility information.

For your convenience, lockers are located just inside the Waterpark, next to the restrooms. Various locker sizes are available for all of your personal belongings. Locker rentals are automated and can be paid using cash, Credit, and Debit Cards. The lockers work with electronic pin codes and will allow unlimited access throughout the day. Locker access is available until Castaway Bay Waterpark is closed for the evening. Castaway Bay cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers at Castaway Bay are not transferable to or from Cedar Point or Cedar Point Shores.